Get the Look! The perfect smokey eye!


I love smokey eye make up. Even if the rest of my make up is all wrong, or just not on my face (which happens regularly; such as now on the plane), even if I have some mascara on and my brows are right, I feel like my face will do. But for evening time, I cannot get enough of some drama, and sultry ways of wearing my eye make up without looking like a panda. My posed the question of creating this night time eye look to my amazing friend and make up artist, Aidan Corcoran recently who gave me, what is probably the best make up tip I have ever been given. This look takes about five minutes and you barely need anything to do it. It’s highly likely you have everything you need in your make up bag already. Another reason why I love this look, it’s not expensive!

Wearing NYC Colour Quatrro palette

Wearing NYC Colour Quatrro palette

So let’s start with some assumptions and some preparation. We shall assume your foundation and skin prep is done, and the eyes are next. Your eyes need some prep too, so we shall begin right there.

 1. Prime!

I am hooked on Urban Decay eyeshadow primer in [shade]. Take a small pea size amount on the back of your hand, or even better a foundation palate. Using a flat brush press the primer gently onto your eyelid, stopping just above the crease. Blend into your eye lid until the primer looks even. We do this so our eye shadow will stay in place, not crease and be long lasting for the evening, as I don’t bring my eye shadow palates with me on nights out, they take up way too much room in my tiny clutch bag.

2. Pencil

Take an eye liner pencil (emphasis on the PENCIL) that has been nicely pared. Using an eye liner brush, brush it along the pencil tip to coat the brizzles. Then apply to your lower lash line, very close to the root of the lashes from the inside of the eye moving outwards. What you will notice is that this looks like a stain. DON’T apply eye liner to the top lashes! This is VERY IMPORTANT!

 3. Set

Using a flat brush again, apply a deep colour (I like mauve and deep purple) over the eye liner to set it, and create a subtle smokey look to the lower eye lashes. Don’t put this colour away, you’ll need it again in a second.

 4. Eye lid

Using a flat brush again (but clean off the dark colour) and choose a sparkly silver. Press the colour onto your eyelid, and using a blending brush, then blend into your whole eyelid right up to the crease and out to the outer socket. You’ll notice how your eyes are dazzling already.  Take the blending brush and using the purple colour again, blend this darker shade into the corners to create some drama. Use as much as you like to achieve a more dramatic look, but I like to keep it looking as natural as possible.

 5. Brows

A strong brow is necessary for this look to frame your eyes. I used Rimmel’s new gel and powder brow kit. Use a pencil first to draw the frame of your brows and fill in with the gel, and set with the powder. Spray a small amount of hair spray to a brow brush to set your brows in place.

 6. Mascara

Brush out your lashes so that the mascara will not get clogged up and apply two coats to open up your eyes. To finish apply a small amount of highlighter under your eyes to frame. Touche Éclat is the best for this!

Ta-dah you’re done!


The products I use to create this are:


Wet n Wild, Colouricon Pencil

Rimmel, Brow This Way kit

Lancome Hypnose Palette

Max Factor mascara

Urban Decay primer

Brushes from Sephora, Kiko, Crown and MAC

YSL Touche Éclat

(Note! Make the whole look pop with a red lip, I love Bourjois Rouge Edition Velvet in 03)