Forever 21 – a new season begins

The US fashion industry is still surviving despite the debt crisis and none so much as the mid-priced range collections and shops. People are much more cost-conscious no matter how much we deny it. And so, in November 2010 when Forever 21 hit our shores, our wallets gave a sigh of relief. Catwalk inspired fashion at a fraction of the price. How can we say no?

Brown Leather jacket Forever 21

I’m a regular States visitor and nothing used to thrill me more than the eagerly anticipated trip to the mall to a larger than life Forever 21. It’s various collections, including, Faith and Love 21, cater for every demographic and market.

Forever 21 accessories

In preparation for the new season, I went along to the lovely surroundings of the Morrison Hotel, Dublin to preview the trends we can expect from the store.

Vintage, 1960s/70s and pure glamour is on the cards and some favourites that jumped out for me were a brown midi faux fur coat, brown leather biker jacket (a la Burberry), mid length skirts (the hottest trend for next season) and of course, piles of accessories, in particular gold chunky bracelets and over sized earrings.

Forever 21 Dublin press launch