Fixing Dry Skin with Suu Balm

Suu Balm

I’ve spent a number of years fixing dry skin which likes to appear during Winter. And, I’m not just talking about my face. My elbows, feet, knees and randomly my lower back and neck. Years ago I used to get psoriasis on the back of my scalp that actually spread to my neck, and although that’s now well cured, my neck suffers from very dry and sore skin. I have to be super careful in the sun and really amp up the SPF on those areas or else I will get very sore and it’s not nice.

But this year, I am working with a great brand as their new ambassador to help show how their product has helped with this continual problem. Say hello to Suu Balm, which has been developed by dermatologists for itchy, flaky skin. It doesn’t sound nice to talk about, but skin conditions need not be something we hide behind. I try and be honest about the issues I have and the steps I take to fix them. Suu Balm has been developed to help some of the more common dry skin conditions to reduce the need to scratch. The problem with such conditions is that you are tempted to enter into a scratch the itch cycle right? You start then you can’t stop. And that gets you nowhere, only aggravates the issue.  When my psoriasis was at its worst, I would be nearly in tears with the itch and discomfort that came with it. I did have to use medical grade remedies to get rid of it, but there was nothing on the market to stop any temporary discomfort, so I am delighted that a product has been developed for this. Now one thing you need to note, Suu Balm is not designed to treat these conditions, but does help to sooth the symptoms.

So how have I been using it? Well you might remember I went to Africa back in October and although the sun does tend to help my skin issues, the kind of heat I experienced was just a bit to severe to do good. Despite being under the cover of SPF 50 my elbows, feet and hands were very very dry. I tried Suu Balm to help alleviate the dryness on my skin, and within a couple of uses, the itchiness subsided. So, I’ve continued to use it on the same areas a couple of times a week to help restore my skin and it’s worked a treat. I like to make sure I try out a product for a good duration of time before I recommend it, and after four months of using this, I’m happy to endorse it as their new ambassador for Ireland.

Right so now we need to get scientific. Suu Balm contains menthol which has a cooling effect on the skin (there are lot’s of other ingredients but this is the one that stands out). The menthol acts to stop the transmission of any itching signals that the skin may give by triggering receptors in the nerves of the skin. Once applied, you notice the cooling immediately, a feeling I love when my skin is going full speed ahead to make me uncomfortable.

Now I am no expert, but I’ve found this to be great, and I will be continuing to work with Suu Balm over the next few months to review what it can do. There’ll be pics an’ all!

Suu Balm is stocked in pharmacies all over Ireland, and if you would like more information or have questions, check out their website at   (where you can also request a sample to try!)