Fashion Friday with Diet Coke!

As of late, I am spending a lot of time in the airport. Now I’m not complaining about this, as my work load in the UK increases, but I hate nothing more than the dilemma that faces me every time I travel. What does one wear? Every celeb steps off a plane always looking chic and trust me I have tried to look stylish, but it just doesn’t work in economy. My attempts to freshen up my look in the hope that the paps in Heathrow arrivals will snap me, go a little like this:


With about half an hour left on the flight, grab your bag from the bin, try and jump over the drinks trolley and annihilate an air hostess on the way, stand in the queue for the two loos at the end of the plane, squeeze you and your bag in, contort your body into shapes you never knew it could do all in the hope of changing out of trackie bottoms into jeans, and empty the contents of your make up bag into the sink as it’s the only way you will find anything in it.


That whole process normally takes about ten minutes, except when the pilot announces “cabin crew ten minutes to landing” and said cabin crew is banging on the door telling you get out and fasten your seat belt. Why don’t they just put a seat belt in the loo and you could finish getting ready in peace?  And not to mention before you even get on the plane, the security checks pretty much require you to strip off to make sure you haven’t smuggled a 200ml bottle of Chanel Chance under your top.


But thankfully, I am learning and the key to keeping stylish on the airport commute is not as hard as you may think. I’ve decided to put together the best outfit I could think of and you will be surprised at how much of this you’ll have in your wardrobe.


Number one – straight leg jeans


Awear Jeans

Jeans from Awear

Straight leg you ask? Oh yeah. Skinnies on planes are banned, reason being that if you sit in them for longer than 15 minutes, breathing may become a problem. Straight-leg jeans give a little more breathing room and have a slightly wider leg making them more comfortable to wear especially for a long flight. They look great with wedges as well!




Asos tops

T-shirt from

Yes the old reliable! You have loads, you know you do. Whether it’s the plain white one or your favourite Justin Bieber one that you got at the concert, t-shirts are an essential part of any wardrobe and are the most versatile item known to man. Match with the jeans and that’s the body covered!


Blazer/leather jacket



Blazer, Penneys

The one you wear to the office as part of a suit, the casual jacket you bought but have never worn or that vintage leather jacket that you love to death; as part of the jeans-tshirt combo, the blazer is the right amount of chic you need to lift the look from relaxed to “I am a very important person who flies a lot”.



Penneys wedges

Wedges, Penneys

Now here is where we run into some problems. There should be a warning sign when you walk into an airport that makes it mandatory to be attending the gym three times a week to prepare for the gargantuan walks (or Yussain Bolt like runs every so often) you have to make from the security gates to the planes parking space. And those travalator-things do not make it any easier. If you want to wear a heel, there are some people  who do, wedges are the best for balance and comfort. And if you need to make a dash for it, they reduce your chances of taking a tumble over a member of ground staff. My choice are my trusty pair of converse. Converse have made a huge comeback and other brands like Superga and Vans are equally as great. White are my favourite and match everything.


So there, could I have made it any easier? None of us enjoy the two hour stint at the airport before we travel, or the over priced coffee, but if we look good, we feel good and that’s a feeling I am willing have anytime!