Elizabeth Arden Foundation


I had the pleasure of trying the new Elizabeth Arden foundation last week called Perfectly Nude. But before I tell you about the foundation, I need to tell you about the new service called Colour Match which is exclusive to Elizabeth Arden in Debenhams. Basically, it’s a new technology used to take three images of your face, and then recommend the exact colour match of the foundation which is closest to your own complexion. No more blending, no more foundation lines along your jaw. I tried the service and I was really impressed with the colour match it chose for me. Given that I am paler then pale, I always find it challenging to get a foundation which is an exact match to my skin tone. But this one really is a good match.

Elizabeth Arden foundation

The Elizabeth Arden foundation range is huge, and now with the introduction of Perfectly Nude, which has 20 shades to choose from, there’s now even more.

40% of women dislike wearing foundation, led by worries over long term skincare effects, the feel of it on their skin and shade selection issues[i], however for the first time Elizabeth Arden launches a foundation specifically designed to reduce these concerns. Elizabeth Arden’s ‘make-up that does more’ approach employs ‘second skin technology’ with an ‘exclusive blend of ingredients’ and a broad shade range to create a foundation that diminishes these anxieties. Skin is left feeling silky and moisturized with a naturally radiant finish. The new foundation contains lots of healthy ingredients like carob seed extract and vitamins C and E, all with the goal of giving glow and making your skin look radiant. I thought the foundation went on very easily and it felt lovely and light on my skin, but gave great coverage. To keep it in place I dusted over some loose powder which kept it flawless all day. The Perfectly Nude foundation is certainly like a second skin and suits my skin, given that it can be quite sensitive.

The Elizabeth Arden Foundation Perfectly Nude is available nationwide on February 19th, £28/€36.


[i] NPD 2010 & Mintel Cosmetics Report July 2012