Dry Skin After Flu


This week I have been more sick than I have in a long time. I will never abuse the phrase flu again. I suffered, and am now suffering from dry skin after flu. The yuk virus, as well as leaving me aching, unable to breathe through my nose, shivering and changing temperature faster than Ireland in the summer, has completely dried out my poor skin. It’s very sore and dry. So what have I done to fix this? Two things. Firstly, today I went down to a lovely shop near where I live called Wilde and Green which stocks Liz Earle products. I used Liz Earle’s cleanse and polish hot cloth cleanser to prepare my skin for my wedding in 2012 and it was just lovely. So I had a brain wave yesterday to go and get me some more. There is a process to using this product. Firstly, you apply it to dry skin in circular motion, then with the muslin cloth that it comes with, you massage the cleanser into your skin (the muslin should be damp with hand-hot water). You then rinse the skin with cooler water and pat dry. After this, your skin will feel so refreshed and clean. For a top end product it’s very reasonable. At Wilde and Green, the cleanser starter pack which contains 100ml cleanser and two muslin cloths, it’s €17.75.

Liz Earle Cleanse and Polish Hot Cloth Cleanser

After the lovely cleansing experience, I have been using Charlotte’s Magic cream by make up artist extraordinaire, Charlotte Tilbury. This is like applying rich greek yogurt on your face (but it smells a lot nicer) and has an SPF 15 in it. This cream is truly magic, it is rehydrating my skin so quickly, and my skin could not be happier about it. Sadly, the cream is not available in Ireland but you can buy it online on Charlotte’s website and on Net A Porter. (£70/€85).

dry skin after flu