Discount shopping? No just a good deal.

I have long misused the phrase discount shopping, because what I did this weekend was actually just get some good bargains as opposed to items that were reduced by a large percentage. The people at Dealz approached me to take on a shopping challenge with a difference. Armed with €50 for Dealz in Ireland, I needed to see how much value for money I could get, buying things like home essentials, to much needed things I needed for my work. And I have to admit, I was incredibly surprised at my loot! I popped along to Dealz on Henry Street, in Dublin, picked up a shopping basket and hit the shop floor to see what I could get.

discount shopping and getting a good deal

My purchases!

Bargain, not discount shopping at Dealz!

First stop was the stationery section, to stock up on things for my business, like envelopes, sellotape, pens, staplers and note pads. Plus, I found some great plastic storage boxes to keep my beauty samples in, which, to date have been a complete mess. So at least, I am able to get some organisation into my life through this challenge. Next up was some homewares, I always ignore the need for things like dusters, so when I saw microfibre dusters for €1.49, well I got a little excited! As well as food storage boxes (which also double up as make up boxes!).

Much against my better judgement on November 1st, I took a stroll down the Christmas aisle, and found myself engrossed in a decision about wrapping paper, matching tags and ribbon. You always have to have a theme for your Christmas wrapping! I have decided to go with traditional gold and red this year, which I am very pleased with, as well the fact that all my Christmas wrapping needs, cost me less than €10!

So you see now, I am educated. Shopping at Dealz is not discount shopping, it’s about making your money go further on essentials, and no one says no to a little saving! Check out Dealz website for a shop near you!

And hey, if it’s good enough for January Jones, it’s good enough for me!