Diet Coke Fashion Friday!

Sparkly girl…

Dress, Monsoon, €155

I’ve had a pretty whirlwind of a week. I went to the BAFTA Television awards to cover it for my newspaper column and ended up as high as a kite from the experience. I don’t know how journalists who cover things like that everyday of the week, stay calm and collected, I just get excited and while maintaining a professional head, my tummy does a trapeze act. Honestly, if I didn’t get excited I would be doing myself a dis-service. It’s supposed to feel frantic; you are supposed to get more excited about the dress than actually being there and as for chatting to celebrities, well that’s just the bi-product isn’t it?

awear top

Top, Awear

For my red carpet debut in London, I went for something pastel and sparkly. I’m having a love affair with embellishment, and I have to report, we are very much in love. Sequins, stones and studs are like icing. They are the final addition to a simple design that can overhaul the look and transform it into something magical.

warehouse dress

Dress, Warehouse

Wearing embellishment comes with some guidelines. If you opt for something very shiny and sparkly, it’s best to let this be the statement and avoid accessorising so the outfit is the focal point. But that said, the easiest way to wear it is through necklaces, bangles and earrings – the bigger the better. A chunky necklace can look amazing with jeans and a t-shirt, throw on a pair of heels and ta-dah, you have a sexy outfit for a night on the town.

river island

Top and skirt, River Island

At this time of year, when the sunshine appears for about a week and then goes back into hibernation, you can experiment with sparkle so easily. You will shine – literally. If you prefer to keep the look muted, pop on a denim jacket or kimono – personally this is the look I tend to go for.

littlewoods ireland

Dress, Littlewoods

So this is your time to shine! Have fun with this look and try every combination of colour!