Diet Coke Fashion Friday! It’s the peplum!

It’s not exactly rare for a trend to begin in one season and evolve into the next. In fact, it’s probably more accurate to say that there is no such thing as a one off trend anymore, they circulate the seasons. One such phenomenon is the peplum. Initially, I didn’t really get this. When I first tried on a peplum top, instead of creating a cinched in silhouette, I thought it made me look a little wider. Maybe it was just the mirror. But I’ve changed my mind. Styling up the peplum look is a tough challenge; the look needs to be balanced and not complicated. And obvs you don’t do peplum on peplum (top and skirt look is banned I tell you!).

This season the emphasis is on flow and not as defined as Spring Summer. Dior have done this perfectly – its simple and elegant and the look with a belt creates a look we all want to achieve – waist!

Dior AW 2012

So taking inspiration from this, how do we get this into our closet? Here are a few suggestions!

Let’s start with the top. To get the right balance in your body shape, try slim fit trousers or skinny jeans. I really like this top from Boohoo (I even have it myself) and not only does it have “waterfall” peplum, i.e. not too pronounced, it addresses another AW trend – print. top

And not for the skirt. The peplum works perfectly with a pencil skirt, the bi-product of which is making the look really sexy too. River Island have hit the nail on the head with this one, a stretch fabric skirt with a leather peplum, sparing the need for a belt or any statement accessories. The leather adds some texture into the mix too.

River Island gold skirt

The all in one look is the peplum dress. Dresses in this style tend to be quite clingy but don’t be afraid, you want to create curve along the lines of your body and this will do the trick.

In terms of shoes with this look, you can really have a lot of fun. But I think my personal favourite is a high ankle boot, it adds a little edge to mix and if you are brave enough try with some ankle socks too!

Long live the peplum!