Denim Trends 2016


I found myself Googling Denim Trends 2016 quite a lot this season thus far, and to be honest I have found very little to help me figure out what they are. So I decided to try and do it all by myself. My first obsession has to be with the denim boot. Now these are popping up everywhere, and with a little pop art added they make for an interesting shoe. But if you can’t find the ones you like, you can always customise them yourself if you feel so inclined! The ones I have picked out are from ASOS and I heart them! Let these inspire you, but you can also take the pared back route with some that are currently in stock at River Island too.

The ripped jean thing is also a mega trend, and I have recently got two pairs, one from Penneys and the other from H&M. The thing about the ripped trend is that you can also do a DIY job on a pair you already have to get the right level of ripping. All you need is a good stitch unpicker! But I do love the range from Penneys and Topshop specifically. They are a little different with bigger chunks cut out. If you have a look at Pinterest too you’ll see lot’s of great ways to style them. You should check out my friend Danielle Peazer’s website for great ways to style denim, she’s a total pro!

We can’t talk denim without a mention of the humble denim jacket. But in terms of denim trends 2016, the look has a softer cut. Look at kimono style jackets for a more feminine way to wear, and a bit less 90s too. But the old reliable waist length style is there in droves, so fear not, if you prefer this kind of cut.

(In image above, Boots, ASOS; Jacket, Dorothy Perkins; Jeans, Topshop)