Christmas gifts under €10


Every year, my mum asks me what I want as my “little” gifts. Basically, the small stocking fillers that I absolutely love getting. Mum and Dad always go to so much trouble to give us the most thoughtful gifts; I always need socks, but the socks I get will be with a difference, with a little fashion reference, or a cute saying on the side. 

Or they’ll get me small things for the gym that I forget to buy like a water bottle, or towel. And of course, they’ll match. I love stationery, and my gift swag always has a notebook or a diary. Ever since the fancy paper days (were you one of those avid collectors? I was and I wish I still had that nice paper!) Mum has bought me the nicest notebooks with lovely covers that I can use for work all year. This year I’ve added a purse size diary to take around with me. I still have Google Calendars on my phone, but I love to write my schedule down. Old school, but very much me. 


Now, all the above I’ve mentioned are Christmas gifts under €10, so they make for Kris Kindle presents as well as stocking fillers. If you are struggling for inspiration, then I’ve shared a little edit of some of my favourite gifts below, whether they are a small gesture or part of a mix of things (those are the best gifts!). Each and every one, I’ve had a version of in previous seasons, and I never tire of them.