Christmas decorations on a budget.

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I was determined this year to do Christmas decorations on a budget, and thankfully the lovely people at Dealz asked me to accept the challenge of decorating my house under €50. I should add that I don’t have a lot of space to decorate which made it slightly easier but creative all the same. To make the most of my space, I decided to look at a garland. What Dealz offer though is the DIY approach! I bought a plain garland (€1.49) and boxes upon boxes of decorations to add as felt appropriate to make it my own in a colour scheme that worked to my taste.

Christmas decorations on a budget

My Garland, it’s homemade!

Between red ribbons, gold butterflies and bells and some decorative boxes, I made a really lovely addition to my window. I even got little 3D golden Christmas trees to add to the end. What a lovely Saturday afternoon I had putting this together on the floor of the living room, even if I did leave it covered in gold glitter.

And now for the tree. To date, I have never found a small tree to fit in our tiny living room. Until now! The 1.5 feet tree from Dealz at €1.49 was certainly taking Christmas Decorations on a budget to a whole new level! I added some more red bows, left over from the garland, red beading to give Mardi Gras a presence, gold glass baubles and some 3D gold baubles. It’s missing an angel on the top but I can just imagine that.

Christmas decorations on a budget

My lil tree!

If you have yet to get your Christmas on, pop along to Dealz and see what you can conjure up!