Christmas decorations for less?


Ok ok, it might be a bit early for Christmas talk, but having attended a few Christmas press days this past month, I am getting in the mood. More specifically, I am already planning my Christmas wrapping theme for 2015. I know, I’m a bit weird, but it’s the creative in me. I just can’t help it. Christmas can be a costly time so we try and find any ways to save a few pennies. One such way is to decorate your house on a budget. And Dealz is one place you can do just that.

Christmas decorations at Dealz

Starting with the table settings, there is everything from place mats, tablewear, candles and crackers to add to your festive table. I love dressing the table and I generally go for a traditional red theme to match the dining room. One of the best bits though is that Dealz maintain a general price point of €1.49.

Tree decorations are the same. You can choose from so many themes (even a “Frozen” inspired ones for any person in your house enthralled with Elsa and Ana). Glass decorations are the nicest I think and you can choose from baubles to Santa themed pieces. There are also lot’s of, what I call, “tree fillers”, small decorations that comes in packs of six. These are always handy!

Christmas decorations at Dealz


But where I really get excited is when it comes to wrapping. Christmas wrapping paper is in abundance and the quality is not compromised one bit with a lower price. The children’s themed paper is just gorgeous, and then you can opt for something a bit more mature for the adults. Although, I think I’d be quite excited at some of the younger themed ones. Maybe I’ll wrap everything in those….hmmm…food for thought.

Christmas decorations at Dealz


Anyway, all the Christmas themed goods are in store in small quantities right now, but passed Halloween there will be loads!