My Blogging Guide and Twenty Ways to Kick Ass as a Blogger

I’ve been in this blogging business a while. Actually, nine years. Gosh the decade anniversary is approaching. The whole thing came about from being miserable, uninspired and basically dissastisfied with the direction of my professional life. So I decided to change all that. Yes there were barriers, and yes people thought I was mad but when I think about it, it’s the best decision I ever made. It’s a tough world in terms of blogging now, with so many out there doing their thing from blogs to instagram. So how can you make yourself stand out? Well, here are a few of my tricks. 

  1. Decide on your topic whether that be a hobby, passion or something in which you are an expert and stick to it. 
  2. Use a front end or theme that reflects your topic and is easy to use as a reader
  3. Decide on the platform you like to use (mine is WordPress)
  4. Come up with your categories and don’t change them, or add to them. You need stability in your posts.
  5. Images, images, images and images. But make sure they are relevant and you have permission to use them
  6. Disclosure. And I don’t mean the band. If you’ve been paid for the post, say so in simple terms. If you have affiliates, explain what that means.
  7. Make your copy engaging. Ask your readers questions to encourage them to leave comments or ask them for feedback.
  8. Add in plugins like “Feed Me Social” to include your instagram or twitter feeds on your home page or through widgets. It means you have everything about your blog coming into the one landing page.
  9. Include internal links in your posts to other relevant pieces you’ve written. It actually encourages your readers to stay on your blog longer and read more of your hard work
  10. Keep all your tags relevant. For example, include brand names or product types to help readers search for topics within your blog
  11. On that note, include a search box, it’s very handy. 
  12. Choose a featured image for each blog post that you think will lure people into it. I try and choose one that’s different from my instagram
  13. Promote yourself through your channels. Social media is a free PR tool after all so utilise this
  14. If you have the budget, promote your posts on platforms like Facebook. Some bloggers discourage this but I only have had positive results from even €5. 
  15. Get your SEO in order with a plug in like Yoast. It helps you make Google like you more and it’s very easy to use.
  16. Vary up your blog topics every week. I like to have a mix of outfit posts, beauty product reviews, fashion trend edits and personal pieces across the week. 
  17. Balance the amount of text and images. Some blogs are 100% visual, but if you are in lifestyle then you need both. I aim for 500 words or so per post and about 8-10 images.
  18. Plan in advance. I like to make a list of my blog posts a week in advance. I add any ideas I have to a page in my Notes app on my phone so I can keep a record of anything that pops into my head. Like this post. This was conjured up on EI 245 from London Gatwick. 
  19. Be proactive. Don’t wait for your blog to take off, you need to invest time to make it work. Look for opportunities to collaborate with brands and send in pitches. The worst they can say is no. 
  20. Finally, stick to your own voice. Readers want to almost hear you speak the words to them so they can get to know you.

If you have any blogging questions, just pop them in the comments box below!