Blogging Challenge with One4All


Are you a regular, devout shopper? I certainly am and so One4All came to me to do a little shopping challenge as part of shoppers week? What is shoppers week?Well until Sunday 15th  of June you can get some great offers when you spend your One4all Gift Card. What’s even better is that they will even personalise one for you? (Do you like my pic?). As part of the campaign, they have uncovered some interesting facts about how we shop!


Personalised for me!

–       39% shop for new clothes and accessories once a month while almost 1 in 5 shop every week

–       A thrifty 68% tend to shop in the sales

–       31% admit to lying to their partner about buying something new and 32% have gone so far as to hide shopping bags

–       54% have clothes in their wardrobe with the tags on them and 1 in 4 say they have clothes from five years ago in their wardrobe

–       Over two thirds 68% admit to splurging up to €350 on a must-have item

–       1 in 5 say that you should ditch the mini-skirt in your 40s while 37% say a woman of any age can wear a mini

–       The shell-suit, dungarees, Crocs and the poncho are labelled the biggest fashion faux disasters

Are you guilty of one, or more, of the above? Yep, I sure am. I will let you guess which ones!

So how did I style myself?

I headed to the retailers who accept One4All vouchers to style up my take on a chic outfit. I love separates and so Topshop and Warehouse are my favourites for this! By the way Warehouse is taking part in shoppers week offering 15% off full price items if you are using your One4All gift card. I wanted to pick things that I would wear all year, so I opted for some navy tapered trousers and a beige skirt with black trim (very neutral and matches everything). Then over at Topshop, I went for a full length blazer style jacket in plaid to match both pieces. See what I did there? It’s all about mix and match!


Topshop Dust Coat



Warehouse skirt



Warehouse Navy Pants


Check out all there details here: