Beauty Treatments: New Meso Vytal at Bespoke Beauty

It’s Beauty Treatments review time! I attribute the condition, and the fact that it is now clear after years of having adult acne, to the advice of one lady, Elaine Butler-Doolin, Beauty Expert Extraordinaire, and owner of Bespoke Beauty Dublin. Elaine was the one person who gave me advice and a series of treatments no dermatologist was able to do, to clear my skin and rid it of breakouts forever. And now, Elaine has a new beauty treatment which you just have to try, called Meso Vytal!

So how does this work?

Meso Vytal is an electrical treatment for the face, neck, decolletage and hands.  Using an Oscillating plate cartridge, this is used in a circular motion to massage  highly effective Serums, into the skin,  allowing them to penetrate the skin, deep into the Dermis. Thus, our Fibroblast cells (which produce collagen and elastin) are stimulated to produce more, to plump out the skin and get rid of fine lines and wrinkles. The serums contain Hyaluronic Acid which is naturally present in our skin, but as we age and with lifestyle and external factors i.e. the sun, air conditioning, central heating etc. this diminishes and causes dehyration, so by adding the Hyaluroic Acid from the Serum the skin is deeply hydrated and looks and feels softer and more nourished. So you can see why these kind of beauty treatments are fast become the best facial yet!

beauty treatments meso vytal at bespoke beauty

Before and After!

The treatment also stimulates the blood circulatory system to bring oxygen and valuable nutrients to the areas being treated i.e. face, neck, decollage and even the hands. The beauty treatments work along the Lympatic system draining Lymph (which contains toxins and other waste) to the Lymph nodes to get rid of puffiness and help re-define the facial contours. Also, on the surface it helps remove pigmentation and age spots to give a more even colour tone to the skin and a brighter look, leaving the skin looking fresher and glowing. Treatments can be used as a one off for a special occasion or as a course for more longer lasting results and getting rid of any specific concerns.

There are 3 different Serums that can be used for the different skin types or Elaine can combine the Serums to treat different areas of the face and neck etc.:
Meso- Med for aging Skin.
Meso-Vitamin for dry, dull, dehydrated areas and skin types.
Meso Pure for oily, congested, problematic areas and skin types.

After the treatment, my skin was soft, clean and felt like it was almost new. The treatment leaves the skin a little red, but this went down after a couple of hours. The result the following day was impressive, my make up went on smoothly and the texture of my skin was just lovely. This is really suitable for all skin types and I highly recommend giving it a try!

To get you started Elaine has a super offer,

First Treatment: €70
Normally €100…..Saving you: €30

€100 per treatment after introductory treatment is availed of. Give the salon a call at (01) 667 4912 or check out the website