Beauty review: Renew Clinic’s latest solution to cellulite!

We all have it, it won’t go away and no matter how many creams, lotions and potions we use, nothing will cure it. The dreaded cellulite! I only became acquainted with it in my late twenties when the skin on my legs seemed to change texture, and not for the better. I’ve tried everything, and nothing worked. So it was time to seek some professional help. And in stepped in Renew, which are based in Dublin and now in Naas, Co. Kildare. Their cellulite treatment comes in the form of what looks like quite the scary machine called, Icoone, but honestly this thing is genius.┬áIcoone uses gentle but highly efficient multi-micro stimulation on both the body and face, applied with hand-held rolling devices which provide a relaxing massage.

Icoone treatment at Renew Clinic

The treatment begins with stepping into the most flattering of all outfits, an all in one white body stocking. As unglamorous as it sounds it’s very comfortable. Next the nurse begins the massage using the rolling devices to stimulate your blood cells and get your circulation going. This is a very relaxing treatment, especially if you are tired and just need some TLC. Once this is completed, then comes the slightly less relaxing part. The roll devices “suck” your skin on the area which you have chosen to focus on (mine was the backs of my thighs). Initially this can be sore, but after one treatment I didn’t even notice it. The therapy can be adjusted in strength depending on your pain threshold and of course how sensitive your skin may be.

After two treatments, I began to see a noticeable difference in the texture of my skin, especially in concentrated areas of cellulite at the tops of my legs. After four treatments, I saw the most dramatic change. To the touch, my skin felt much smoother as well as in appearance. After my final five session, my cellulite was clearly much better. It’s not totally gone, as it can take up to ten sessions to completely eliminate it, along with top up sessions. But having been a cellulite cream junkie my whole life, this treatment is revolutionary. The whole experience lasts about 40 minutes, and I attended twice a week, which is recommended to see the optimum benefits from the treatment.

If you are planning a holiday this summer and want to smoothen out any bumps or orange peel skin, this is definitely worth a try.

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