Beauty products from the USA

beauty products from the USA

One thing I love doing is finding new beauty products from the USA and during my recent trip to Boston I went on a mission to find some new ones from skincare to make up. Perusing the shelves in Target and CVS provides me with hours of entertainment; discovering brands we can’t get in Ireland makes them more covetable to me! With the foreign exchange rates levelling off, it means now there is very little price difference between the Euro and the Dollar, so I wanted to focus on buying products that were good value for money which is exactly what I found.

Wexler MMPi Skin Regenerating Serum

This comes from New York based dermatologist Patricia Wexler who happens to be a family friend of my friend Julie who I stayed with in Boston. One evening Julie was going through her skin routine and applied this pink looking goop to her face so I needed to know what on Earth she was putting on her face. She has amazing skin so it had to be good. So hence, I discovered the range by Wexler. There is a large range of products, but this particular serum seems to be the hero product. MMPi is a technology that is known to rejuvenate the skin’s surface and reduce the appearance of lines. Basically it blocks enzymes that cause the skin to sag and look dull. I’ve been using this for a week now under my own moisturiser and it is making my skin look so smooth and is also reducing the appearance of my small acne scars. So far this is super! Take a look at their website her at Wexler Dermatology

Cover Girl Outlast Stay Fabulous

This foundation was less than €20 and it’s amazing and it deserves a mention as one of my favourite beauty products from the USA that I have ever tried. It’s long lasting, medium coverage with the the power of a primer and concealer built in. So it reduces the need for any additional coverage from another concealing product. Any blemishes or marks on my face were quickly covered once I applied the foundation with a Beauty Blender. It’s also oil free for anyone with excess oil on their skin so it does have a more matte effect. I went for Ivory in this foundation and I am using it every day with great results. I’ll have to get Julie to send me some more in the post.

Cover Girl De Puffer Under Eye Concealer

I actually bought this because I forgot my own concealer so I quick trip to CVS led me to this little gem. Cover Girl have teamed up with Olay for this so it has nice skin care properties built in to reduce any puffiness under your eyes. I desperately needed some after a long haul flight and to cure the appearance of jet lag under my eyes. It is a bit runny so you need to give the tube a good shake before you use it. It has a light coverage but good pigment so it was well worth the $6.99!

Tarte Amazonian Clay Full Coverage Foundation

I have read so much about Tarte as a brand, especially from watching Teni Panocian’s You Tube channel which is a must watch for any beauty lovers. I wanted to try this foundation which apparently is great for full coverage which I use for my work on the TV. The foundation is thick so I decided to mix a bit of liquid primer to it just to help blend it. My skin was quite dry after travelling so after a period of good moisturising this goes on fairly easily. It suits a poreless skin type and if you have any small lumps and bumps like me, it tends to not work as well. But on days when my skin is perfectly clear, this stuff is amazing. Plus, I have to commend Tarte on the range of shades for absolutely every skin tone.