Beauty Product Reviews 2013, my selection!

Beauty Product Reviews 2013 is something you read a lot on the internet. This time round, instead of writing a list or review of all of my top new season beauty products I decided to record a vlog! In the video below, which you can also see on You Tube, I show you all the products I love for Autumn Winter which I have been reviewing over the last number of weeks.

Beauty Product Reviews 2013

Starting with skincare I show you two great CC creams from Olay, then onto some nice products from Urban Decay for nails, brows and lips, not forgetting the August Glossy Box which I love! I also mention a great product from DeMak for taking make up off your face after a long day, and my favourite anti-perspirant from Sure! The choice is endless and I do hope the video gives you some ideas on what to have in your make up bag! I will have lot’s of “Beauty Product Reviews 2013” coming up over the next few months so stay tuned!

Beauty Products I love: