Beauty News: Katie Jane Goldin!

Katie Jane Goldin Young Businesswoman of the Year

It’s official, hair extensions have taken over the world, with Great Lengths founder Katie Jane Goldin winning the Image Young Businesswoman of the Year 2013 last night in Dublin.

Katie Jane Goldin

Katie Jane Goldin

In November 2011, Katie-Jane started Great Lengths Hair Extensions Distribution company and today Great Lengths is in 64 countries, in over 34,000 salons worldwide! Great Lengths Ireland has become one of the most successful and fastest growing hair extensions brands in the county. She now supplies over 100 salons nationwide and has helped Great Lengths to become the most sought after brand of hair extensions on the Irish Market. Great Lengths are the only company in the world to source, manufacture and process their own hair ensuring 100% traceability. They also produce an exclusive range of luxury hair products suitable for hair with or without extensions, including restorative, hydrating shampoos, conditioners, serums and treatments infused with hydrating oils and vitamins to combat environmental damage and keep hair in optimum condition. The Great Lengths Brushes are also the perfect brush to keep the extensions looking perfect and are made by Acca Kappa (the official brush makers to Queen Elizabeth and the Royal Family).

This is such an achievement for someone so young, and given that hair extensions have almost become a wonder of the world, there was no more appropriate time for Katie Jane Goldin to be awarded this accolade.


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  1. kaz1000
    January 13, 2014 / 5:24 pm

    She is not the Great Lenghts founder! She says she is related to David Gold when her name is Goldin the daughter of the Paul Goldin Clinic! Trying to establish herself as a relation to the brand. If she is related to David Gold why wasn’t Great Lengths brought to Ireland in 1992 when it was designed, trying to establish it as an Irish owned brand when she is just a distribution agent like many others around the world. Great Lengths has an already practised marketing and distribution process that secures success for the brand in every country it finds a distribution agent ala: Kate Gold’IN’.
    She isn’t doing anything different to any other hair extension company in Ireland has done before her, only that they were Irish owned like Hairspray for example!
    Mix in the right circles in this country and you can get an award for ‘picking your nose’!