Beauty Express: Nail Wraps

I like my nails to be well manicured and one way of keeping them looking nice is by applying nail wraps. Most nail wraps claim to last for up to ten days, but with such a strong claim requires some testing. With our lifestyles requiring a lot of typing these days, any kind of decoration needs to last, to withhold banging on keys throughout the day. So I decided to put two well known brands to the test to see if they live up to what they say they do.

First up it’s Sally Hensen Salon Effects which says the wraps last “up to” ten days (nice save!) and comes with 16 strips in the box. The box is compact so if you are travelling you can bring several boxes of these will fit in your wash bag. They also come with a miniature nail file and honestly are very easy to apply. But, yes here comes the but, the wraps barely lasted a day without chipping. The tips started to crack and within a couple of hours barely existed. I’m disappointed given that Sally Hensen is such a well respected brand, and one of my favourites to use.

nail wraps

Sally Hensen (bottom) and NCLA (top)

On the other hand, I tried NCLA nail wraps which I am pleased to say are excellent. The nail wraps seemed stronger when I applied them then they weaker contestant above, and did not chip once over a few days. It took nearly a week for a chip to appear, which is great considering that I lugged suitcases and typed incessantly over the week.