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I haven’t done the straight hair look in a long time. I have defaulted to bouncy, wavy, curly and beachy for the last number of years that I haven’t really given any thought to changing it up. When I wear my hair straight it generally turns to total frizz after five minutes thanks to living in humidity especially at this time of year. But change is good, and I have been trying out the Lee Stafford Coco Loco irons (great name, huh?) to get my hair straight again. Now I have to mention that you can curl with this also; I’ve never been able to get the knack of that so I’m sticking to the simple plan. What makes this iron different is that it is infused with coconut oils on the plates so that this transfers to your hair to give it a lovely sleek feel and look. I have to say my hair feels incredibly soft having used it only once and even though it’s damp out today, the slight wave it now has is still very smooth and frizz free. The irons are available at Boots.

To get my hair smoother too, I have been trying Cocoa Brown’s newest range, Kind. The shampoo and conditioner smell like summer holidays and I am totally ok with that. It contains three cleansing agents to give a lovely fresh feeling to your hair, and one important point is that the products¬†have a low PH balance so it won’t interfere with your fake tan! I have a sensitive scalp and I found the products to be very gentle!

So with the combination of a good straightener and the right products, you can get the straight hair look fairly easily.

Photo credit, Kieran Hartnett. I attended the launch of the Olcote Ceylon resort at House Dublin during the week, so I had to have good hair!

Note: The Coco Loco irons were provided as a sample from the brand.