Autumn Winter Beauty Products: What you need in your make up bag.

Getting your make up bag right for the new season promises to be lot’s of fun! I have selected the top Autumn Winter beauty products to help you choose your key beauty investments this coming season. So where do we start?

Autumn Winter Beauty Products

1. Episilk facelift serum with hyaluronic acid

Hyaluronic acid is the buzz word in beauty right now, and it does everything you need it to. This super serum is applied to clean damp skin and is absorbed really quickly. Hyaluronic acid is one of the strongest agents to fit ageing, but as someone who doesn’t need that just yet, it is also great for achieving even skin tone, and taking down redness. After one week of use, my skin was smoother and my skin tone was lovely.

2. Urban Decay B6 Vitamin infused complexion spray

Facial sprays are nice in summer, but important in Winter, to inject that much needed b6 into your skin. I applied this to my face, under moisturiser to get the effects directly onto my skin. It also acts as a really great primer too, and my skin felt fresh all day. A really great invention from Urban Decay for next season.

3. Olay Total Effects CC cream

CC creams are my new favourite product, even over BB creams I have to say. This one from Olay could not like my skin more! I applied this as a primer under make up and actually reduced the number of times I had to re apply powder or concealer over the course of a day’s work. I even noticed when I watched myself back on an episode of Xposé, my foundation looked even and had no shine whatsoever. This will be a huge hit at your local chemist and an autumn winter beauty product that will be cost effective and long lasting. One tip, apply only a pea size amount as it disperses very nicely across your skin!

4. Balmi

No make up bag should be without a lip balm at all times, to keep your lips moisturised during those bitterly cold days of Winter. Balmi is certainly a cult product and comes in a variety of flavours. The raspberry is my favourite! Buy it on

And what about some make-up huh?

Autumn Winter Beauty Products


Take a look at these lovely shades! The above are the latest release from Urban Decay, who have cleverly come up with a new range of lipsticks with matching lip pencils! Finally, someone made lip pencils to match! The above colours are perfect for a new season make up look, especially if you prefer some pink shades as opposed to plums and reds. I wore these to an event this week and was delighted at how long the colours lasted, and also kept my lips moisturised. The colour does need some layering so see how it works for you! (lip colour is Lovelight, and pencil to match is Native)

And of course if you don’t want to seem too pale in the Winter, you can also apply some self-tan! I have been using He-Shi Express Liquid Tan this week and I am so thrilled with it. It goes on evenly, with no blotches. This one does not need moisturiser, but do remember to exfoliate before your self-tan application! This colour last a good four days with daily moisturising! So you see there are plenty of Autumn Winter beauty products to check out to achieve a new season look!