Autumn Winter beauty products: Lorna’s pick

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I have been trying to decide what Autumn Winter beauty products should be in my travel bag as I move between Dublin and London over the coming weeks. It’s difficult to cram everything you need into one, cabin and 100ml friendly bag (assuming no one checks in a bag!). So I have taken it upon myself to do some research and help you out with some of my autumn winter beauty essentials, I have concluded I cannot possibly travel without!

1) Sure Maximum Protection

Anti-perspirant isn’t exactly a trendy topic, but getting one that works for you is super important. I have picked Sure Maximum Protection as  my favourite, for a couple of reasons. Firstly, it’s strong and provides a deeper layer of protection than most brands. Secondly, and the secret trick, is that it works overnight. Apply at bedtime, when your body temperature can rise, but also build a layer for the following day. Oonagh O’Hagan of Meagher’s Pharmacy says “The science behind sweating is actually simple. It’s just our body’s way of adjusting our internal body temperature. Sure Maximum Protection can be bought over the counter and is clinically proven to help protect you from moments of excessive sweating, whatever the cause, by controlling the amount you sweat and keeping you feeling fresh and confident.” It’s also only €6.87 and lasts for ages! Plus it’s not a liquid so it doesn’t need to be in a tiny plastic travel bag! YAY!

2) Roger & Gallet’s Fleur d’Osmanthus travel soap

No need for bottles of shower gel, this is the solution, getting back to good old soap and this one is a winner! Inspired by a Chinese Garden of Eden, this uplifting scent bestows a euphoric sense of well-being on body and mind. Notes of floral, citrus and wood burst on contact with the skin, for a truly unique experience. For the 100g bar, it’s just €6.

 Autumn winter beauty products

3) NYC Colour Wheel Mosaic (in pink cheek glow)

NYC have always been a firm favourite of mine, especially their foundations which give really good coverage, but this new cult product is proving super popular. Colour wheels are like an all-in-one, a little bronzer, combined with blush in just one wheel, eliminating the need for two separate products. The wheel is great for contouring or adding just some blush to your cheeks. Use with a contour brush to get the best effect. Another reason I love it, it’s just £3.79/€3.99. Also check out the full range from NYC including the Kohl eyeliner, Liquid Lip shine and Skin Match Luminizer which I highly recommend.

Autumn Winter beauty products


4) Catrice Liquid Metal Eyeshadows

When we travel we will really need less products, but they need to do more than one job. The latest range of eye colours from Catrice does just that. The new Liquid Metal shadows leave a “wet look” on your eyes which can be darkened or lightened to suit whatever look you want to achieve, during the day and then onto the evening. By layering this product, your make up can be transformed. It has a silky texture and applies like silk. You only need just one colour to achieve a light or deep finish to your eyes.  (

5) Schwartzkopf Bonacure Fortifier Treatment

Autumn Winter beauty products

This is magic in a tub! Add this to your hair after one wash and leave in for a few minutes while is works said magic, to leave your hair delightfully glossy and silky. After one use, my hair felt so healthy and after three applications over two weeks, my hair is in super condition. The cooler air of this season make these ideal autumn winter beauty products! I swapped this for ordinary conditioner and I won’t go back!