Armani Eye Tint and Maestro

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Ah eye make up, my favourite. And this week there is a fabulous product from Armani to get your hands on. Armani eye tint is exactly that but it promises to do so much more. In a tube, the formula is thicker than a liquid, but not too matte that it dries out quickly. And in a multitude of shades, there is a colour for every eye make up need. Last week, I attended a master class with Armani  beauty innovator and designer, Thoa Tran who was a font of knowledge on how Armani come up with its products, most of which are from backstage where a product does not necessarily exist in their beauty collections. The Armani eye tint and eye maestro are two such products.


The pigment in the eye tint is excellent. The two shades I tried are from the neutral range so they are great for day time or add as highlight colours to a darker eye. Starting with No.12 I put the product from the wand onto the back of my hand first, and then used a flat brush to apply and blend across my eye lid. The product blends beautifully and moves across the eye very easily. It does dry quickly but that does not prevent you from blending it first. I then took the lighter No.11 to add to the inner corners to open my eyes and add some sparkle. This is a creamy look which I loved for daytime work wear. It does not budge once applied, and even though I have oily lids, there was no creasing at all. Before I applied the tint, I should add that I did put some concealer as a base to help prime my skin.

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To finish the look is one of my favourite Armani products, eye maestro. This is like a gel but more solid and using the double-ended Armani brush, you can apply the product to the brows first. Thoa used the brush end first, and applied to the brows against the direction of the hair to fully coat them. Then she used the flat end to make the brow more defined. But the best part about Maestro is its use as a contour product. I added a soft line just under the highest point under my cheek bones and blended with a round brush. It’s a subtle contour and I love that look. A little blusher finishes the look.

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