How to apply foundation – my way

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I have incredibly pale skin, that unfortunately has had a rocky relationship with adult acne for most of my late twenties. I did a great interview with the Irish Independent this week about how I cured and still manage my breakouts. This came about when I posted the first no make up selfie on Instagram in quite a while. I was overwhelmed with the response, and I even was invited to go on Spin 1038 (thank you Lauren and Gordon!) this week to talk about it too. But one question I am asked is how to apply foundation, given that coverage is key but maintaining a natural look all the while. So here is how to apply foundation my way.


How to apply foundation

I use a few different tools. The first is a Beauty Blender which I am currently obsessed with. I press in my liquid foundation to my skin using this is if I want a dewy, natural look. Secondly, my favourite brush at the moment is from Charlotte Tilbury which is available on Net a Porter and in Brown Thomas.


How to apply foundation

Getting the right foundation for pale skin is always tricky as I never want to have that awful line along my neck. My top three foundations are Rimmel’s Perfect Match foundation which gives a gorgeous light glow to your face without being cakey. Next it’s Georgio Armani Luminous Silk which is a treat to buy but I tend to keep it for evening wear. Then lastly, it’s MAC’s new Matchmaker foundation which aims to blend in with your natural skin tones.


If I am using the brush, I apply the product in circular motions starting on my cheeks. I then blend inwards to my nose and up to my forehead. This is probably technically incorrect but I feel it gives coverage on my cheeks where I need it most and then a nice lighter look to my forehead. I then blend into my chin. If I want a fuller coverage, I might layer it up a bit but one layer normally does the trick.


Thanks to those nasty pimples, I need some concealer. I love Estée Lauder Double Wear liquid concealer. I use a MAC 217 brush to stipple the product right onto the spot and I leave it to set for a second. By just popping on the product to the actual spot it blends into your make up easily.

Sealing in

Powder is a must for me, and I use two different ones. First, it’s Charlotte Tilbury Air Brush Flawless Finish powder with a small powder brush in circular motions so the powder doesn’t sit on my face. For where I have concealed spots, I take a smaller brush and apply the powder over the area. If I want more coverage to my face, I will use MAC’s Studio Fix powder instead.

If you follow my Instagram page, you’ll see lot’s of make up selfies that I take all the time. But invariably, the foundation is always the same. So how to apply foundation doesn’t need to be a question that remains unanswered!