Yellow jackets

After the weekend what was painted by Coldplay I am embracing the mood and making today’s post all about yellow jackets. Yellow was their debut single, I think 17 years ago? And you know it’s funny how I remember all the words to that but I can’t remember my times tables some times. 

Yellow isn’t in the number one spot in terms of a colour we like to wear but River Island’s Yellow Jacket is different. The shape, the fabric, the length and the colour are practical. You kind of need it to just do all the work. I look at yellow sometimes and wonder what’s the appeal, but when you style it with some dark colours, then it makes sense. Summer is a time for colour and even on dark days it adds some life. Speaking of life, I’ve been busy but facing a lot of challenges recently in terms of my business. You might have seen my post on Twitter regarding the state of play with working as a freelancer, and how hard it is to get a regular income. It’s what they don’t tell you when you sign up to work for yourself. I wish it was easier and despite the hard work when you see a minus figure on your bank balance you wonder what’s the point. 

So it’s one of the reasons I am trying to brighten my wardrobe; colour has a positive effect, so for all the challenges, there is a light. I’m trying hard not to wear too much black or dark colours at the moment, I have all winter to do that. 

Now back to the outfit! The Polka Dot trousers are so comfortable. They are a stretchy fabric but they don’t cling; more like a slim leg than a skinny. And with this Falling In Love T-shirt the look blends together. Yellow jackets don’t have to be ignored when you wear it with the right things, so go forth and wear the rainbow! 

Yellow jackets
Yellow jackets


Yellow jackets Yellow jackets Yellow jackets Yellow jackets