Summer prints

I love seeking out alternative summer prints, as typically I am not a “flower” girl. I like something darker with more edge, hence why I am usually in jeans and leather jacket. But over the last week I have been out at events and celebrating my birthday so I wanted to find a combination of looks that some detail without being, you know, pretty. It just isn’t me. So step in the River Island Floral Duster Coat which is simply divine. There is something so elegant about the dark green canvas for the print, and although is says it’s a coat, it seems and feels more like a kimono to me. 

This coat needs to stand out, but it needs some assistance. I added this Christian Louboutin Paloma Clutch bag which is from their current collection. My styling the linear print of the bag with the floral print of the coat, I get a clash but one that works (you see alternative summer prints don’t need to match either). This bag is so beautifully made, the embroidery is on point (pun intended) and the studded detail along the side is so aligned with Louboutin’s bolder style in his wallets and bags. The collection is available at Brown Thomas who have just re opened the fabulous Christian Louboutin lounge that houses all these accessories as well as his discernible shoe collection. I never tire of those red soles. 

These jeans are the Amelie from River Island as well, which are a go to of mine. A high waist with a longer leg and an indigo wash? Yes please! 

If you fancy shopping any of these pieces, here are the links!

Duster Coat – River Island Online

Jeans – River Island Amelie

And as I said the beautiful bag is available at Brown Thomas, Dublin. 

Summer prints
Summer Prints Christian Louboutin Paloma Clutch Christian Louboutin Paloma ClutchSummer prints