Accessorize A/W 2011

I love a good campaign. One such example is the latest set of shots just issued by Accessorize for their new Autumn Winter collection.


French beauty Camille Rowe and stunning brunette Anna Speckhart fromIllinois, USA, take on the Accessorize signature dual model format, in an eye-catching set of statement-making shots.

Shooting his debut campaign for the brand at London’s Sunbeam Studios, Aitken Jolly directed and shot 11 bold new images for the campaign, with Accessorize favourite,Simon Robbins, back at the styling helm. The Autumn Winter 11 photo story begins with a striking 70s inspired series, photographed against a vivid orange and yellow backdrop. Glamorously toting the key lady like shape bags from the Margot collection and an essential felt floppy hat, the shots launch the campaign globally.

Rowe and Speckhart, prove to be a dynamic modelling duo as the campaign unfolds to reveal quirky knitwear shots for October. Layers of scarves, Aztec printed shawls, trapper hats and elbowfingerless gloves introduce the consumer to the brand’s vast winter offerings.

Accessorize AW 2011

The heat is turned up for November and winter skin bared, with dress-up shots displaying faux fur stoles, sparkling jewellery and a fan of oversized clutch bags. For December, an injection of hot red chic complements a striking monochrome palate, making Christmas the season to shout about. With pouting ruby lips and playful gasping expressions, the new poster girls encapsulate Accessorize’s young and energetic vibe.