A Really Really Good Hair Day

ghd stylersI have some sad news to report. My GHD, purchased in 2003, aged 9 has sadly passed away. She was amazing, she introduced me, initially to straight hair which I never had, and most recently her achievements included wavy and smooth curls. Her memory will remain with me forever as the first revolutionary hair styler that truly made a difference. Her nine years were well served, she travelled far and wide, came on holidays to Chicago, work trips in Ireland and the UK, she even visited some friends of mine when her expertise was needed for various nights out and special occasions.

On this sad day, I have been given some rays of beautiful shining light. The wonderful people at GHD heard about my loss and very kindly sent me a new and shiny GHD so that I can continue my styling (the current preference is loose waves at the ends of my hair). The new GHD is just wonderful, it heats so quickly and my hair does not feel scorched or dry after styling. I also have been using GHD oil and their array of products to protect it while I style. I highly recommend these having been a fan of them for the last 9 years!

I am very excited for the next decade with my new styler. I’ll have hair like  Katy Perry. A conversation starter if I ever meet her. 🙂