A new season’s scent

I go weak for a good perfume and I have been on the look out for a new scent for Autumn/winter. I like to change my fragrance each season for some reason, just to enforce the change in my wardrobe. And so while researching a post on perfume, I happened to come across fashion designer Verónica Moncho Lobo who used London Fashion Week as a means to launch her new scent, aptly named Verónica. Verónica is well known for her beautiful boutique on Elizabeth Street in central London.

The key scent is flowery, citric and sea fresh. The bouquet of heart notes that she chose to accentuate the fragrance are jasmine and cyclamen – the spring and winter flower fragrances that evoke memories of her childhood. The lily complements and softens the citrus string of the heart notes along with the magical ylang-ylang, the flower of flowers that sharpens the senses. Delicate base notes of sandalwood and white musk add a mysterious and timeless touch to the blend while citric and seaweed top notes throw in a nip of freshness for self- awareness. The length of the maceration and blending process of the essence is characteristic of the artisanal and precise nature of luxury perfumes.

Verónica - new perfume

The bottled fragrance is available at the Verónica Moncho Lobo boutique, and via select Verónica Moncho Lobo stockists in London, New York, Istanbul, Saudi Arabia and Kuwait.

If I was looking for some Christmas ideas, this would be one!