A new look! Gold Fever Hair extensions review

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I went on and on about having short hair and how much I loved it and I did. But it got to a length where I had two choices. Either let it grow or cut it again. So I went for the third option and that was to get extensions. Now this was not a decision I took lightly. I have a few projects coming up and I thought a little length would be good. New challenge, new hair that’s my new favourite phrase. The extensions themselves are real hair, so they need to be maintained as you would your own. So step in Gold Fever Hair Extensions!

gold fever hair extensions


gold fever hair extensions

Before I got them in, a pre-cleanse was needed to take out any product or residue left in my hair. This is a tough wash as the shampoo is drying and you need to rinse it three times. But it’s very much worth it. I headed out to GoldFever HQ where stylist Carol Ann did the colour match to make sure all the tones in my hair matched with the new hair. My hair needed a combination of three different colours to match my highlights and low lights. As Carol Ann applied them to the sections of my hair, the transformation took shape pretty early on. With short hair, the bonds need to go quite close to the root, and I needed a good number of strands to make the look natural.

gold fever hair extensions

The whole Gold fever process takes about three hours for my length hair and honestly between chatting and doing some work on my laptop I didn’t even notice it. Carol Ann then trimmed the hair and cut in some layers so it blended with my shorter strands. The result is a head of hair that looks so natural, and I have to say I am thrilled with it.

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Hair extensions really need to be cared for. Using a sulphate free shampoo is the first rule so the hair can be washed without damaging it. The bonds must be dried after you wash them; moisture can loosen them over time, so even if you leave the rest dry, those bonds need some heat! Once a week, it’s a good idea to put a masque at the ends of the hair to keep them hydrated, like you would your own as I mentioned above.

I had Great Lengths before and I loved them at the time, but the Gold Fever hair extensions seem to be a more grown up, mature brand that have addressed the weaknesses of it’s predecessor. The bonds are small which is a huge advantage, and what you are left with is, long healthy looking hair. I might keep these!