A makeup but no makeup look. Make sense?

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At the weekend the last thing I want to do is overload my skin with make up. But at the same time, I like to feel I have something on my face, as unfortunately my skin isn’t as good as it looks on instagram (thank goodness for filters). So the key for me is to create a makeup look that is a no makeup look. I know confusing right? I want to feel ¬†like I am wearing a light, but practical make up look on my face that I don’t have to touch up. No touch ups on down time! So how to we do this, considering we have to use some kind of foundation or powder to achieve it? In some respects, yes you do need some products but you have to make the most of the fewest number. Gosh this sounds way more complicated than I intended! So I used Sunday as an experiment to see if this actually works. Thankfully, it did, and so here is how I created it.

no make up look_Fotor

1. All about that bass..’bout that bass.

Megan Trainor is right with the bass lark. I start off each morning without fail, using Philosophy Hope in a Jar. It’s a light moisturiser and my skin adores it. It soaks in quickly too and acts as a great primer before foundation. On my downtime, this is all I do.

2. Light coverage

I have been trying L’Oreal Infallible Foundation and it’s brilliant. It is matte, but not drying in anyway. On a moisturised face it works really well. I apply it to my face with my fingers as it blends a little better this way. I only use a small amount (about the size of a 2c coin). Dab this into your face to make sure you have your whole face covered. I think with this particular foundation, fingers apply it better than a brush and you get better coverage. I then use Este√© Lauder Double Wear Concealer to cover any unwanted marks or spots. You only need a tiny amount of this again as it can be quite full on in terms of coverage. Thanks to the illuminating properties of Hope In A Jar, your skin will be glowing.

3. Highlight your best bits

I do just a small amount of contouring on a natural make up look. Take Charlotte Tilbery’s Filmstar Bronze & Glow and using a narrow powder brush add the sculpt powder under your cheekbone and back towards the hair line and blend. Add a small amount to your temples as well. Then take the highlight powder and apply lightly to your upper cheekbones and finish with Max Factor Blush on the apples of your cheeks. Now your face is taking shape!

4. Don’t forget the brows and lips

The last thing I do for this no makeup look is draw my brows and again it’s a Tilbury product for this one too, it’s Brow Lift (in the shade Brooke’s) to pencil on my brows. Then a little Chanel lip liner and lipstick fix with the new NYC lipsticks Expert Last Lip (in Candy Rush) and your no make up look is good to go!

So what do you think? Let me know in the comments!