A Juicy watch. Yes please.

I’m eyeing up what I would like for Valentine’s Day and perhaps what you may like too! I just came across these fabulous watches from Juicy Couture which will look great in your jewellery box as much as they will on your wrist. I particularly like the cerise pink which is lot’s of fun and a nice alternative to a darker colour which we normally find with watches. The Marianne Diamante (from €149.00) is the perfect option for those who love a bit of bling with its crystal shimmer and intricate case.

Juicy Couture watches

The Jetsetter range (from €149.00) is ideal for ladies who are always on the go with its durable silicon strap and round, crystal embellished face. The Jetsetter watches are available in a range of colours from the original gold and silver to more funky colours such as pink and blue. For extra brownie points you could go all out and treat the special lady in your life to the Queen Couture watch (€379) with its golden touches of rose and sparkles galore, the Queen Couture watch has a white snake-embossed leather strap and a rose-gold plated stainless steel case. The watch is bezel crystallized with Swarovski elements and with rose-gold proving to be an extremely popular colour choice among ladies at the moment you are ticking all the right boxes!

Take your pick!


Juicy Couture Watch

Juicy Couture watches