A collaboration with Etsy

Yoga Mat bag from Etsy

I love searching for things online, whether is shopping for clothes, or my current obsession, interiors ideas, as I plan on doing a bit of redecorating this year. So when Etsy approached me to do a little collaboration, I was only too delighted. But I have to admit, the interiors things came second. I was overcome with choice of things to get myself from jewellery to bespoke handbags, as well as tonnes of stationery. So to help with my shopping, I made a list of things I needed and started the hunt on the website.

One of my main priorities was to get a bag for my new yoga mat. The mat was stupidly expensive so I needed something to put it in. It had to be waterproof and easy to carry as I tend to bring my gear with me for the day. I found a seller who makes handmade mat bags that are totally rain proof and a good size to fit a large mat and towel. The polka dots were the easy choice and I have to say are a good match for my new towel, no? And here’s proof that I do actually go to a yoga class from my position on the floor during the week.

The next thing I found myself perusing were photographs. Printed, painted, digital…there are just lot’s for every room in your house. But when I found this one, it had to be mine. The first album my Dad (who is a devout music lover) was Rumours by Fleetwood Mac. I was only about nine or ten, and he explained that this is what proper music sounds like. I’d listen to the sound of Stevie Nicks voice in Dreams for hours on end on repeat. And still, it’s my favourite album of all time. So this painted cover of the album is about to be framed and will take pride of place in my home.

Fleetwood Mac Rumours album cover


Biodynamics illustration by Elaine Chuckan Brown

My husband got wind of the fact that I was on a little shopping spree on Etsy and insisted on a present. But he chose something I really love. He’s a wine lover, and on our honeymoon we visited several wineries who make wine in accordance with Biodynamics. Now I am not going into detail as to what this is, but I will say that it’s to do with earth a lot more than grapes. I had heard of Elaine Chuckan Brown before, as one of the world’s most prominent wine writers. But she also has an amazing shop on Etsy where she sells her illustrations, so I got her Biodynamics drawing which is a really lovely piece.



Now you might see above the WC sign. This is actually now on my bathroom door, and it serves purpose. For some reason when people come to visit they walk into the wrong room for the bathroom, as our apartment is small and each room has the same doors all next to each other. So just to help with directions, this cute vintage WC sign is acting as a map 🙂

I’ve a few more Etsy pieces on route from various parts of the world, so stay tuned for another blog shortly. And once the posters are in frames, I’ll pop some pics up on my Instagram.